Arguing about who is at fault is a very common thing after a car accident. No one would ever want to accept the blame of being wrong and at this point you can be so frustrated especially when you know fully well that you’re not at fault. Knowing that you’re not at fault is one thing and having a legal way to proof this is another thing. Immediately after the crash, especially when you have so much damages done on your car, you might be so upset to an extent of calling your car accident attorney with plans to go to court. No matter what, when the case gets to court, your counterpart would never be truthful and with this, the judge might be forced to dismiss the case if there are no proofs to show that your counterpart is at fault. Here is where an eye-witness comes in. An eye-witness is that third party who was present when the incident happened. He/she would have a clear view of the incident and would have no reason other than to be truthful. An eye-witness statement can help you in the following ways:

Shedding Light about the Incident

In some situations, you might actually think you’re right even when you’re at fault. Of course, immediately after the crash, you’ll naturally be furious because of the damage done to your car. Even when you don’t really have a clear picture of the incident, you’ll never want to admit that you’re wrong at that moment. An eye-witness would help shed more light about the accident and let you know if you’re at fault or not

Help You Easily Reach an Agreement with your Counterpart

With an eye-witness statement, you easily conclude on what step to take. If it happens that the eye-witness pointed out that you or your counterpart is at fault, then it might be quite easy to settle the issue even without seeing a lawyer. Agreement can be reached that the person at fault should pay some damages and if this is done, the case won’t necessarily have to get to the court.

Means of Proof in Court

In a situation where you have all the clear evidence that you’re not at fault and your wish is to take the case to court, then an eye-witness is the best proof you can ever have. The eye-witness who would initially unknown to you and your counterpart would give neutral opinion about the incident. He/she would write a statement in the court which would influence the judge’s decision. If you have an eye-witness that can firmly back you up by showing up in the court, then you can be quite sure of winning the case.

It is very important that you have an eye-witness report before taking up a car accident case. If it happens that you have no one to proof that you’re not at fault, then it might be quite difficult for you to win the case.

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