When an auto accident first takes place, both parties involved have a number of different factors to consider. Whether it’s damage to their vehicle, personal injuries or exchanging insurance information, there are various issues at hand that need to be dealt with as expeditiously as possible.

Those who have experienced auto accidents should contact our law office, to find out what recourse we have and what aspects of their claim will help their case or end up hindering it. When analyzing auto accidents, a police report is of the utmost importance.

The police report is often the deciding factor when an auto accident attorney is debating whether or not to take your case. Once the attorney has determined that your accident falls within your state’s statute of limitations and significant injuries were suffered, the next step is being able to prove negligence on behalf of the driver who is determined to be at fault.

This is why a police report takes on such a high level of importance. Attorneys, as well as their staff members, need access to these reports to decide on the validity of a case. These reports are comprised of a first person account, an account that is delivered by an officer of the law, with the intention of storing data about the car accident.

Police reports contain all of the most crucial information about a potential claim, including all pertinent information about both parties involved, their contact information, witness statements, and a detailed statement from the police officer.

The officer includes an indication of who they believe was at fault for the accident, as well as time of the day and the place where it occurred. The police report is the most commonly used tool for proving which party was at fault during a court proceeding and accident victims will be hard pressed to locate an attorney who will take the case without one.

Without a detailed police report, a plaintiff has no means for obtaining a monetary settlement and their case is likely to be thrown out, even if they are able to find an attorney who is willing to take their case on. Serious injuries do not always reveal themselves right away, either, and a police report could end up being the difference between paying for long term injuries out of pocket or receiving a settlement.

If you are in a car accident and you do not believe that you are at fault, then a police report might be all that stands between you taking the blame or the rightful party being forced to pony up for the damages. After an auto crash, be sure to ask for your copy of the police report as soon as possible, to ensure a much smoother legal procedure. If you have been in an accident call Jaime Alvarado & Associates at 915.852.0500.