El Paso Personal Injury Lawyer

Jaime Alvarado & Associates, PLLC are committed to providing their clients with professional, timely, and experienced representation for your personal injury. We aim to obtain full and fair compensation for our clients including: pain and suffering payment of medical bills, lost wages, and future lost wages. We will also give you a thorough explanation of the legal process of procedure, time, costs and the value of your case. Our services in handling personal injury include:

  • Car and Trucking Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents

With most personal injury cases, the value of each case depends upon how permanent and severe the injury is, type of medical treatment received, future medical treatment, emotional distress and the recovery period.

If you have been injured or involved in an accident , please contact our experienced personal injury attorney Jaime Alvarado, to guarantee that your legal rights are protected. He has the experience required to handle complex cases and will work aggressively to bring you a favorable result. Call 915.852.0500 today for a free consultation.