Plaintiffs who have experienced injuries and bodily harm due to an accident that was caused by the negligence of another party are entitled to compensation. But how is this compensation determined?

In most instances, an insurance company opts to pay the minimal amount to the plaintiff. This results in the injured party failing to receive the appropriate amount of compensation. The insurance company will not pay one cent more than what is required and the burden of proof falls on the plaintiff.

When insurance companies do not act in good faith, Jaime Alvarado can help to restore the balance of power. There are a number of expenses that an accident victim can seek compensation for.

Expenses That Are Eligible For Compensation:

Medical Expenses

All expenses that are directly related to medical bills that resulted from an accident are eligible to be claimed as a part of any injury settlement.

Pain and Suffering

Additional pain and suffering that the plaintiff has experienced is also factored into an eventual settlement amount.

 Future Medical Bills

If the victim’s medical bills will continue to pile up for years to come, then these future expenses must also be factored in.


Should the plaintiff require rehab, these expenses are considered to be out of pocket and they are also included.

Lost Wages

This goes further than the mere loss of a paycheck, as any potential loss of bonus wages, vacation time and sick days must be considered during the negotiation.

Permanent Disfigurement

Any scarring or permanent disfigurement is added to the settlement amount and if the plaintiff is experiencing emotional distress as the result of these injuries, this is another factor to be considered.

So how can a plaintiff ensure that their compensation for these aforementioned expenses and maladies is properly determined? One word:


While you may have experienced any number of injuries and complications as the result of these injuries, your documentation of these injuries and their associated expenses is what will ultimately determine your ability to receive a settlement.

Unless you have thoroughly documented all of your medical bills and sought medical attention as quickly as possible, the insurance adjuster’s willingness to provide a settlement may wane. The more proof and documentation that you are able to provide, the better your chances of receiving a settlement that will grant you the necessary compensation.

Compensation is determined by one simple mathematical equation: the injuries that you have suffered + the amount of proof that you can provide. No sane insurance adjuster is going to write a check because you tell them about your injuries or your mental anguish. The burden falls on the plaintiff and their lawyer to provide the proof that leaves them with no choice but to offer the correct compensation.

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