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The Importance Of A Police Report At An Auto Accident

When an auto accident first takes place, both parties involved have a number of different factors to consider. Whether it’s damage to their vehicle, personal injuries or exchanging insurance information, there are various issues at hand that need to be dealt with as expeditiously as possible. Those who have experienced auto accidents should contact our law office, to [...]

Can A Motorist Sue A Pedestrian?

The Highway Code is clear: All citizens have their share of responsibility to keep the balance traffic. But out of the pages of the Highway Code, drivers are always mentioned as the great villains in traffic, since they put their own lives and other’s lives at risk due to abuse and irresponsible behavior. But what [...]

Be Aware On The Road

The next time you take a drive on the road take a look around and see how many Semi-Trucks you see. Chances are you will see countless amounts on the freeway and streets, especially during the holiday season. Asdrivers, we need to be aware of where semi-trucks are at all times. These trucks are very [...]

Proving Liability in Accidents

People who trip and fall as a result of the negligence of another person finds it difficult to prove their case due to lack of evidence that is considered substantial. Normally, the person who falls either feels embarrassed or do not document the incident because they are not aware that a report would be required [...]

Top Reasons Your Injury Settlement May Not Be Accepted

Settlements are the most common end to injury lawsuits because they expedite the process, offer compensation for the injured party, and may cost less for the defendant in the long run. However, sometimes even the most carefully crafted injury settlements can be torn apart in the court room. Here are the top 3 reasons your [...]