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Immigrant Entrepreneurs -How The US Economy is Benefiting From Their Presence There have been a large number of debates recently about whether immigrants should be stopped or allowed into United States of America. While the views presented by both sides tend to have some proofs, there is every reason to believe that immigrants have [...]

Citizens Ready Their Cell Phones to Document Immigrant Arrests

California Leaders Lay Out Plan To Stand Up To Donald Trump On Immigration

How the United States Economy Benefits From Immigrant Entrepreneurs

 Immigration has been a hot topic at the presidential debates recently. Each candidate has a different perspective than the other on immigration. While the views presented by both sides tend to have some proofs, there is every reason to believe that immigrants have been able to contribute immensely to the economic growth of the United [...]

Why Immigration May Decide the 2016 Election

5th Circuit Throws Out I-9 Fines Against Employer for Alleged Section 2 Attestation Deficiencies

ICE recently brought Employer Solutions Staffing Group to court after finding that they had improperly managed paperwork. An individual in Texas, where the employer is, looked through the employee documents. The documents were then photocopied to an individual in Minnesota, who then signed the Section 2 employer attestation. The handling of this paperwork resulted in [...]

Why Foreign Workers Must Establish An Employer Relationship For H-1B Visa Purposes

As more and more foreign workers make their way onto American soil, the importance of the H-1B visa becomes more evident. These visas are especially useful, since they allow workers to maintain a primary residence in their home country, while continuing to live and work in the United States. However, these visas come with a [...]

All eyes are on these three Supreme Court Cases

2016 Candidates’ Positions on Immigration

Well, it is undeniable that the days to the election are getting closer and closer, though there is some time remaining yet. During the debates, there has been much discussion by the various presidential candidates that are running for the election about the topic of immigration laws. So it is interesting to provide here an [...]

How To Become A U.S. Citizen

Becoming a United States citizen is a dream of many foreigners, but the process does not happen overnight. There is a ten step procedure that must take place and prospective citizens need to check their eligibility before proceeding. Assuming that the person is eligible and has the proper documentation, these are the steps that will [...]