The next time you take a drive on the road take a look around and see how many Semi-Trucks
you see. Chances are you will see countless amounts on the freeway and streets, especially during the holiday season. Asdrivers, we need to be aware of where semi-trucks are at all times. These trucks are very powerful and carry large amounts of weight to their destination. Any type of impact with automobiles can be devastating and have significant damages. Being on the road you need to be aware of your surrounding and become a defensive driver. There can be many reasons for semi trucks accidents, such as:

•Unsafe left turns made by Semi-Trucks in front of oncoming traffic.
•Miscalculated right turns into opposite lanes.
•Traveling at dangerous speed.
•Fatigued drivers from a long journey.

If you have been injured or affected by a semi-truck accident please consult with an attorney as soon as possible. The right attorney will be able to answer all of your questions and concerns and help with your case. An attorney can help with a lawsuit concerning a personal injury or wrongful death, if either seems applicable. If you are in this situation please call Jamie Alvarado & Associates PLLC at (915)852-0500 for a free consultation. Have a Safe and Happy Holiday