There have been a large number of debates recently about whether immigrants should be stopped or allowed into United States of America. While the views presented by both sides tend to have some proofs, there is every reason to believe that immigrants have been able to contribute immensely to the economy of the United States.

These people do make a large percentage of the population of most of the cities in the country. Even though they have been pointed as the major reason for an increase in the prices of rents as well as contributing majorly to the cultural diversity being experienced in the country, there is no doubt that their contributions towards the growth of the country’s economy has been very obvious in the last 25 years.

The major aim of this write up is to highlight some of the ways through which the economy of the US has been able to benefit from the presence of immigrants over the course of time.

Job Creation

There are lots of immigrant entrepreneurs that have been able to make a difference in terms of creating jobs. This has in turn led to an increase in the standard of living of the US citizens. For instance; in the field of information technology, some of the big brands (such as Ebay and Google) that are dominating the internet, are the ideas of immigrants.

These brands have been able to generate revenues that have amounted to billions thereby helping to create millions of jobs in the process. They enter into remote areas of the country, establish one or two businesses (such as restaurants, gift shops, salons, food grocery stores and so on) and start creating job opportunities.

 Innovative Thinking

Most of the big American brands doing very well today have been able to attain such positions through the creativity of immigrants. These are hardworking people by nature who are ready to put in their best so as to prove everyone wrong. Lots of companies do have them in their ranks and they have been able to play their respective roles towards the growth and successes of these companies.

An example of the above statement is the effort made by Citigroup which was aimed at seeing to it that immigrants who were young and vibrant were being given work permit. Another instance was when American Apparel organized a program to help immigrants improve their English in the workplace.

If they were not contributing to the United States economy positively, these companies wouldn’t want to have them in their respective work forces.  They may be foreign born but they consist of over 13% of the population of the country.

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