Well, it is undeniable that the days to the election are getting closer and closer, though there is some time remaining yet. During the debates, there has been much discussion by the various presidential candidates that are running for the election about the topic of immigration laws. So it is interesting to provide here an immigration law blog post that will discuss where some of the candidates who were and are running stand on various issues that pertain to this topic.

Here we start off with the views of Clinton who is a well announced Democrat. Clinton does not desire for there to be a complete wall between the US and Mexico border. She does not plan to end birthright citizenship. She wants there to be a way to legalize currently unauthorized immigrants, so that they will have full US citizenship. She is not clear on her position about using mandatory E-verify. She does declare that she supports Obama’s deferred action orders.

Carson who is a declared Republican does want there to be the establishment of a permanent wall on the US and Mexico border. Carson does support putting an end to citizenship by birthright. Carson is in favor of finding a way to legalize the many unauthorized immigrants that are currently residing in the United States of America. Carson is unclear about his position on the mandatory implementation of E-verify. He does unashamedly openly declare the he does not support Obama’s deferred action orders.

O’Malley takes the position in the election as a decreed Democrat. He does not want to see the construction of a wall on the US and Mexico border. He does not intend to institute putting an end to birthright citizenship. He wants to see efforts made for it to become legal for unauthorized immigrants who presently live in the United States to be able to gain full access to citizenship. He does not support mandatory use of E-verify, but he does fully support Obama’s deferred action orders.

Bush who is a notable Republican in the political realm does not support the building of a wall along the American and Mexico borders. He is publicly against ending citizenship by birthright. And he does not give any support in finding a way to legalize unauthorized immigrated that are present in the United States, which means that he will not allow them to become legal citizens if he is elected into the position of President. He does support the use of mandatory E-verify. He states that his position is to oppose Obama’s deferred action orders.

Some candidates are unclear on some things and their positions do seem to shift as talks and debates carry on. But we have provided the most current information available in this immigration law blog post. Once the new President is in power, it will be more clear to see what will come into effect for the immigration laws.