Driving alongside 18- wheelers on the highways is an intimidating, stressful experience.  Although accidents are inevitable, when these involve one of these “Big Trucks”, the consequences can be more devastating, due to the size, speed and weight variation of the vehicles involved. Due to the nature of business of these trucks, they spend more time on the roads, raising the chances for a greater number of accidents.  This is especially true for congested highway areas with its large number of tractor-trailer vehicles.  Being a major connector and international hub, El Paso ranks as one of the top cities for transfer truck traffic in the United States.

It is, therefore, very important to be aware of the heavy presence of these Big Trucks on the road.  The following are four common causes of accidents involving 18-wheelers:

  1. Distracted Driving: We all know the dangers and consequences of distracted driving, with people using their cell phones and other electronics or taking their eyes off the road.  Results can be especially destructive if it’s the driver of an 18-wheeler.
  2. Irresponsible Driving: Unrealistic schedules to meet delivery requirements lead to longer hours and driver exhaustion, which may cause them to fall asleep at the wheel.  Another danger is neglect to the truck itself.
  3. Traffic Violations: Even small violations may result in extreme consequences for truck drivers.  When a car is tailing another vehicle which stops suddenly, it may avoid a collision by coming to a quick stop.   A large truck does not have the same ability to do this, as well as, enough mobility to avoid a speeding car cutting ahead of it.
  4. DUI: This applies not only to alcohol and illegal drugs, but to prescription drugs as well.  These impair the drivers’ judgement and ability to react to any situation.  Although unacceptable, it is not realistic for truck drivers, who spend much of their life on the roads, to follow label warnings against driving while on prescription medication.  They will, therefore, choose to continue their driving schedules in spite of being under the influence of these drugs and put themselves and others at risk.  Each year, many lives are lost as a result.

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